About Keto Queen

As husband and wife team, Keto Queen was created to serve the health needs of our customers. Whether it's to lose weight, improve your health or simply to enjoy guilt free pleasures, Keto Queen offers truly spectacular options. Our goal is to make your tastebuds happy while being healthy!

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Fresh and whole-food ingredients that are completely decadent and gratifying! We do our best to resource the best organic ingredients.

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All of our products are keto friendly, made from fresh using natural ingredients, 100% gluten free, grain free and naturally sweetened without the use of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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We bake weekly and deliver right to your home.
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100% KETO

We carefully chose ingredients to ensure keto perfection, while always maintaining amazing flavour that will excite your taste buds while keeping you healthy.

What is Keto?

The Keto diet is all about reducing carbs and increasing fats in your meal planning. The Keto diet trains your body to use fat as a source or energy, including your own fat stores. It will provide you with sustained energy for an extended period of time. It is a highly popular diet for losing weight, athletes and diabetics.

Our Promise

Treat yourself! We guarantee to satisfy your sweet cravings through our range of delectable treats – which you can enjoy guilt free! Careful, it’s so good, it’s addictive!


Can we store your baked goods in the freezer?
Yes, all baked goods are freezable and just as delightful upon defrosting.

How quickly can I get my order delivered?
All orders are baked and prepared on Wednesday's and Thursday's to be delivered on Friday's between 11am-2pm and Saturday's between 1pm-3pm.
*We do not offer a pickup option at this time.

Can I have my order delivered at a specific time on a specific day?
You can choose to have your order delivered on Friday or Saturday but specific times are not possible. Delivery times are between 11am-2pm on Friday, or 1pm-3pm on Saturday.

Will you deliver to my area?
We deliver to greater Ottawa including: Orleans, Riverside South, Barrhaven and Kanata.

I have a nut allergy, are you nut free?
No, we are not a nut free kitchen. At this time we cannot cater to any specific food allergies.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes, the minimum order varies depending on product.

Do you use dairy in your products?
Goat dairy is used in the icing only. No cow dairy used in any of our products.

Are your products non GMO?
Yes, all of our products are 100% GMO free.

**We are NOT a nut-free kitchen**